Merry Christmas Everyone



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[Verse 1:]
A Snow is falling F#m D all around me A D A children playing , having fun A it's the season F#m D love and understanding A E A merry christmas everyone
[Verse 2:]
A F#m D time for parties and celebration A D A people dancing all night long A time for presents F#m D and exchanging kisses A E A time for singing christmas songs
F#m D A E we're gonna have a party tonight F#m A i'm gonna find that girl underneath the misteltoe, E we'll kissed by candlelight
[Verse 3:] Room is swaying, records playing All the songs, we love to hear All I wish that everyday was christmas What a nice way to spend the year
[Verse 4:] We're gonna have a party tonight I'm gonna find that girl Underneath the mistletoe, we'll kiss by candle light
[Verse 5:] Snow is fallin, all around me Children playing, having fun It's the season, love and understanding Merry christmas everyone Merry christmas everyone
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