The Past Recedes

John Frusciante



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G D Am Em x3
G D Am
Verse: G D Am Em And then the past recedes G D Am Em And I won't be involved G D Am Em The effort to be free G D Am Em Seems pointless from above G D Am Em Yor're looking down at' me G D Am Em I'd rather stay below G D Am Em Than have you staring up at me G D Am B Theres nowhere I want to goooooooo
C D7 Em D Ay, this business of how long we try to stay alive C D7 Em Why to be here you've first got to die D So I gave it a try C G And what do you know Am D7 Time was so long ago
G D Am Em And thinks come back you see G D Am Em To where they don't belong G D Am Em And every drop of sea G D Am B Is the whole ocean oooooooohhh
C D7 I lied to the greatest thieves Em D About anything and everything C D7 Em I'm a figure of forgotten speech D I'm our of reach C G I can't play it safe Am D7 But I might just in case
Solo: (use verse chords)
A|-10--8h10p8-----------------------------------7--------------------------------------------------------| B|------------------10---8h10p8------8-----8-------10—8—7--8---------------------------------------------| G|-----------------------------------11----9------------------------------11--9--8—8h9p8-----------------| D|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10-----| A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E|----------------------------------------------------------------------------3---7--5h7p5--3—10---| B|--------------------------------------------------------------3--1h3p1---------------------------| G|------------------------------------------------4------------------------------------------------| D|-10--8--10--8--6--5--6---6--5--3-----3---5-----5-------------------------------------------------| A|----------------------------------------6--------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E|--10 ---12b—12b—12b—14b—14b—14b---12—12s8----5--------------------------------| B|------------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|------------------------------------------------------------------------------| D|------------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
C D7 Em I'm disguised as a reaching hand D I'm working man C D7 I dont understand why clockout Em D Comes so slow every time C G Am That's one line I stay right behind C G Am B That's one line I stay right behind
G D Am Em x3
G D Am B G