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[Verse 1:]
n.c. This happened[C] once before When I came [D7]to your door No re[G6]ply They said it wasn't [C]you But I [D7]saw you peep through Your [G]window
I saw the l[Em]ight[Bm] I saw the l[Cmaj7]ight[Bm]
I know that you saw [Am7]me 'Cause [D7]I looked up to see Your [G]face
[Verse 2:]
I tried to tele[C]phone They said you were not [D7]home That's a [G6]lie 'Cause I know where you've [C]been I saw you walk [D7]in
Your [G]door I nearly d[Em]ied[Bm]
I nearly d[Cmaj7]ied [Bm] 'Cause you walked hand in [Am7]hand With a[D7]nother man
In my [G]place (Go to CODA after second time through VERSE 2)
If I were [G]you I'd [B7]realize [E] that I Love you [Am]more than [C]any other [G]guy And I'll for[G]give the [B7]lies that [E]I Heard be[Am]fore when you [C]gave me no re[G]ply
[Repeat Verse 2)
[Coda :]
No rep[Em]ly[Bm] No rep[Cmaj7]ly[G6add9]

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