Happy New Year



Vidurkis: 2.6 (Balsų: 8)


P.S. Tie kas nemokat septakordu tiesiog mintyse nuimkite septyneta akordo gale.
Verse 1:
A Bm7 No more champagne C#m7 C#7 And the fireworks are through D Here we are A Me and you Bm7 Feeling lost E And feeling blue
Verse 2:
A It's the end Bm7 [or Bm7b5] Of the party C#m7 C#7 And the morning seems so grey D So unlike A Yesterday Bm7 E E7 Now's the time for us to say
A Happy new year C#7 Happy new year F#m D F#7 May we all have a vision now and then Bm7 E Of a world where every neighbour is a friend A Happy new year C#7 Happy new year F#m D F#7 May we all have our hopes, our will to try Bm7 E If we don't, we might as well lay down and die Bm7 E A You and I
Bridge: A E
Verse 3:
A Bm7 [or Bm7b5] Sometimes I see C#m7 C#7 How the brave new world arrives D And I see A How it thrives Bm7 E In the ashes of our lives
Verse 4:
A Bm7 Oh yes, man is a fool C#m7 C#7 And he thinks he'll be ok D Dragging on (ooh) A Feet of clay (ooh) D A Never knowing he's astray Bm7 Keeps on going E E7 Anyway
Verse 4: A Bm7 Seems to me now C#m7 C#7 That the dreams we had before D Are all dead A Nothing more Bm7 E Than confetti on the floor
A It's the end (end) Bm7 Of a decade Cm7 C7 In another ten years time D Who can say (ooh) A What we'll find (ooh) D What lies waiting A Down the line Bm In the end of E Eighty-nine?